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In Brooklyn, from Long Island. This blog serves as my memorial to the Old New York City, more glamourous times, and the rich history my home has to offer. I run an online vintage shop on Etsy selling vintage clothing sourced in New York City. Everything I sell is 100% NYC worn and 20 years or older.


Original Hipsters
Washington Square Park, circa 1960 
photo by Winston Vargas

Yiddish Theater actors, among them Celia Adler, at a Purim party. The Purim party took place at Ludwig Satz’s house in Sea Gate Brooklyn, ca. 1925. The boy in front is the son of Celia Adler and Lazar Freed (also a Yiddish theater actor).
- Flickr Commons

70 Willow St. 
Truman Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” here. 
Taken in 1978 by Edmond V. Gillan 
From the Collection of the City of New York


Dinah Shore in rehearsal at the Plaza Hotel, New York (1966)

"Frederick Pearce [Pierce] Budden, in the uniform of the New York Volunteer Fire Brigade" - From the collection of the Museum of New York.


1980s New York City, by Richard Sandler [X]

It’s #tbt and yet again I’m featuring Andy Warhol. In 1981, he produced and starred in 3 short bits on #snl . In one, his head suddenly falls off after he finishes taking to Calvin Klein about what to wear to a party. His head tells a few jokes and ends by saying “Have a good time at the parties!” His headless body then walks about to hail a cab. - © “Warhol in 365 Takes, The Andy Warhol Museum Collection” check out 🔜 @warholsuperstars ‼️ it’s a little something I’m still getting together but if you like my #nyc photos and style, you’ll prolly like what’s coming soon. #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork #80s #1980s #snl #saturdaynightlive #vintage #retro #andywarhol #warhol #film #art #newshit (at 1981)

Discarded Books. New York City. 1974.

Photographer: André Kertész

My entire library is composed of books from NYC trash cans. 

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Anyone know anything details to go along with this photo? 

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This is my version of the popular subway poster.
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Brooklyn. 1954.

Photographer: Ted Croner

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On this day in 1974, the Queensboro Bridge was designated a New York City Landmark. Officially known as the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, construction on the Queensboro Bridge started in 1901 to facilitate communications between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the farms of Queens and Long Island. At the time of its completion in 1909, it was the longest cantilever bridge in North America. The bridge has been featured in several films including the Dark Knight Rises. 

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Incredible images of 1940’s New York through the eyes of Lisette Model


Cab Calloway at the Cotton Club. Harlem, New York. 1920. 


Andy Warhol by Weegee (1967)